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enter a POI


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You can "enter" a poi in any type of GPS without software. If by enter you mean mark a location or enter coordinates to create a waypoint/poi. If you are using a garmin take a look at "edit waypoint" in the garmin eTrex manual it is on page 15. If you have a Magellan, depending upon the model, all you should have to do is depress "mark" and when you get the waymark screen simply change the coord. Now if you are talking about uploading large files of poi's/waypoints, that is a different story altogether.

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Like Prime above I'm not sure about units other than Garmin, but are you confusing Waypoints with POIs? A waypoint is a location that you enter into the GPS, this can be done with or without software. The location can be a cache, etc. POIs (Points of Interest) are also locations, but are handled differently by the GPS. You have a limited number of Waypoints (500 or 1000 for most units) and almost unlimited POIs (I currently have 35,000 caches in my gps as POIs, why.... because I can). POIs are also loaded into you GPS with most maps you load.


To enter an actual POI into the GPS (with Garmins) you must use some sort of software to do it, usually POILoader.


Which are you talking about?

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You don't need software to enter one in. What type of GPS do you have?


Garmin differentiates between POIs and waypoints. You need Garmin's POI loader to load POIs into the units that support them. Waypoints can be entered manually or via software such as EasyGPS, GSAK, Mapsource and others.

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