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Hawai`i Micro Geocoin

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The Hawai`i Geohana along with myself, present the Hawai`i Micro Geocoin. They are being sold in packs of five at a low price that will hopefully encourage using these as travelers. These are in hand and ready to be sold and shipped now.


Regular Version



Hawai`i Residents Version






COIN PRICE (includes shipping):

USA orders: $24.00 for each pack of five, shipped via USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation

Canadian orders: $27.00 for each pack of five, shipped via USPS Global Priority Mail

All Other Worldwide orders: $28.00 for each pack of five, shipped via USPS Global Priority Mail



Size: 1.00”

Thickness: 2 mm

Metal & Quantity: 1,000 total minted, 850 yellow hibiscus, 150 orange hibiscus (Hawai`i residents only), polished/shiny gold

Colors: Hard enamel, transparent yellow (orange) and red on the front, transparent blue and regular green on the back

Trackable: Yes, www.geocaching.com

Icon: Yes, Yellow Hibiscus

Activation Codes: www.oakcoins.com/activate

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From a land of lava, rising mid-sea,

An enchanting little coin this be.


A flowery token, triggering smiles,

A worthy momento to honor these isles.


And so through this coin, my heart must partake,

The virtual beauty of our fiftieth state.


For I never shall visit this treasure of ours,

My arse can't sit still on a flight for five hours.




Nice job Maui!

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