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Do you remember your first Geocache?

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I promised myself that before I moved from Saudi Arabia to Dubai (in the UAE) I would find at least one cache. I tried in vain for numerous caches, before finding my first one outside the holy city of Mecca - - - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...48-23a1dd72d783 - - - at the time of writing this post I am still the last person to have found the cache.




I will always remember the excitement of that first cache.



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It was Northern Pacific by Sagefox near the University of Washington. It felt weird standing along a public path looking through the bushes. I was thinking, "What a way to spend a Sunday, oh brother....." It was in October 2003 and we have to date found 583 and hidden 17.


Now if I don't out on weekends geocaching, I think, "What a way to spend a Sunday, oh brother....."

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Our first cache was "A Dam Good Cache" in December of 2003.


I remember being so out of shape that when I saw the cache was 600m from the parking area I thought to myself "Oh, that is SO far away." :D


I also remember thinking that this finding a container hidden where the vast majority of people don't know about it was the coolest thing in the world.


We picked off caches one at a time back then. Look for caches closest to the home coordinates, pick one that sounds interesting, punch in the coordinates, print the cache page, find it, come home, log it online and then do it again the following weekend.


Now with pocket queries, GSAK, paperless caching, etc the way I cache now bares almost no resemblance to those first caching experiences.

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I do - it was yesterday evening in Conway South Carolina. I had my family with me - and that made all the difference. Its a memory we will always have (even though some of us were more excited about it then others.) !!!


I am down here with my wife and son and mother-in-law visiting my stepson and his wife and daughter before he goes over to Afghanistan for 12-18 months with the Army. I am glad that my "first cache found" was with a group of family members, because really - family IS what matters most in life.


Thanks to the cache placer of "Hang em High" - you helped make a memory - I hope THAT makes your day if you read this.

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I remember mine! It was about fifteen months ago, I was trying out the GPS my brother got me for Christmas, and my sister and I went after "The End of Marion" in Las Vegas, by jobosomo's Folks (who became a friend of mine.) I still remember the thrill when I realized that the "broken bit of fence post" hanging from the fence actually unscrewed... it was a very nifty cache, and not a lamppost micro. :huh:


250 caches later, I'm still trucking, and now I love it when someone posts that one of /my/ caches was the first one they ever found. May I pass on the addiction! ;)

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I found my first one a little over a year ago. It was about half a mile from the house. I walked over there with my dog Scooby. It was in a patch of woods within the city close to a school. There was a truck parked near by and no one around. As I walked up to the area a police car rolled up. The officer got out and walked around the woods as if looking for the owner of the truck. He asked me if I owned the truck or if I had seen the owner. I told him I didn't own the truck, but maybe the owner was in the woods looking for the same thing I was looking for. When I explained geocaching to him he said he'd heard of it, but forgotten about it until I mentioned it. While we where talking I found the cache. It was a plastic box in a stump.

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We've only been caching for a few months but we will never forget that first one.

It was in a pretty little park near our house, but one we didn't know about before geocaching.

The day we went, the park was full of muggles so we had to wait around for quite a while until we had a clear chance to go look for the cache.

That really enhanced the feeling that we had become members of a 'secret society'.

We'll never forget the thrill of that first find. We kept one item from the cache as a momento and look at it frequently and fondly.

We're looking forward to all the new finds and new places we will be going. For us, just finding all the new places is a big thrill! :(

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