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Night Caches...Do You Like Them

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I was thinking about getting some FireTacks and setting up a night cache....But, before I waste time...how many of you Geocachers like them? Have you done any? If there was one in your area...would you do it?


Just curious.


I have four night time only caches.

The Haunted Forest (Night Cache)

The Haunted Forest (Night Cache) Part 2

The Legend of Big Ben (Night Cache)

The Lair of the Great Horned Owl (Night Cache)


They get fewer visits, but those that do find them, have enjoyed themselves. I've yet to find anybody else's night cache yet. :)

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Night caches are my most favorite type of cache to hunt!

In my area, they are very well done and I have a blast

every time I go looking for one.


The funny thing is, I had to be almost coerced into looking

for my first one - I just couldn't imagine it would be very

much fun looking for a cache in the dark. Boy was I ever

wrong :) I can't get enough of them now! I'm pretty

lucky that there are more than a few around here. I don't

want to think about after I've found them all... :wub:

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I was thinking about getting some FireTacks and setting up a night cache....But, before I waste time...how many of you Geocachers like them? Have you done any? If there was one in your area...would you do it?


Just curious.


My favorite cache placement is a night cache. Whenever I am a bad mood I read the logs and it brings a smile to my face.


Sacred Moonrise and The Case of The Twisted Kitty

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It's best to do them in the dark when you get to be my age and everything starts to...... :) Oh.... Uh......


Night Caches. Uh yeah. :D:D



Seriously, I've only done one. That was back in Alaska. There are not any around here, for now. I have one in the planning that I will place this summer. It will be a night orienteering multi. It could be done in the day, but you can find the fire tacks the will lead you to the points is easier at night.

I hope the folks around here like it and put out some for me to do.

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I don't know what maintanence issues will come up, but for a dry environment I enjoyed doing "Remotely Controlled Night Cache" (GC115QX) You only use your flashlight to keep from tripping over sagebrush and volcanic rock. You either bring your own remote or one of several hidden in the starter box. The 'blinkers" are well camoed and the tags for the next waypoint are hard to spot but fun overall.

Tom Fuller

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I've always wanted to do a night cache with an astronomy theme (my nightime hobby). I've even envisioned a multicache where a planisphere would be needed to solve the final stage or a logging reqirement based on constellation position.


There was one night cache in my area, but it was archived before I did it. Every time it was a nice night, I found myself at the telescope hunting far away galaxy's or star clusters. Dollars in astronomy gear far exceed $ in GPS by 10 to 1.


This thread is inspiring me to get off my rear and do what I envision.

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I love them! Have done 7 so far.

I have one, and another in the works right now. Wicked Woods @ Night


Theres a decient amount of them within driving range of here luckily.


A favorite was Control the Night


A very difficult one due to it being a urban night cache.(very hard to see the glints!)


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I was thinking about getting some FireTacks and setting up a night cache....But, before I waste time...how many of you Geocachers like them? Have you done any? If there was one in your area...would you do it?


Just curious.


Night caches are fantastic! I wish more people would do some out in my neck of the woods. Do it! Do it! Do it!

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I would love to do one, but the only good places around here are dense woods filled with illegal hunters.

I own two. Both take you through some thoroughly nasty swamps brimming with venomous snakes, wild hogs & feral cattle. One is about a mile long, and the other is about 3 miles total, broken down into two parts. Night caches are my A#1 favorite type of hide.

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I’ve only hunted one true night cache, tho I’ve hunted many caches at night.Night Ringer. I took my son and one of his buddies and we had a blast. The listed coords take you to the trail-head, you have to use a flashlight to see reflective tacks in trees to find your way along the trail. It was too much fun! The only real tough time we had was returning back down the trail. I had called a fellow cacher to talk about this cache before hitting the trail and he said it was easy to see the tacks and I really wouldn’t even need my GPSr along the way. I didn’t need it going there, but going back down the trail the reflectors were on the opposite side of the tree from the direction we were hiking out. The tracking feature on my GPSr would have been very useful about then. There is a whole series of night caches near here that I've done one of, they can be done during the day but not as much fun. Night Caches Good luck with yours.

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I love night caching, in the same way that I love reading scary stories -- it gives a little frisson, an adrenaline rush, that you don't generally get when you're caching in the ordinary manner.


One of the things that I find extraordinary is the way one's vision changes. As a driver, I've always felt I had poor night vision. But out in the woods, with just the pencil-thin beam of light, it feels like what's in the light is sharp and focused and amazingly clear. No peripheral vision, of course; but an extraordinary experience all the same.



"Open Your Heart With Geocaching"


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In the "Olde Days" you could put sounds and animations on your listings. Many of our early cache placings have sounds and animated gifs. But that all came to an end about a year ago, when the Powers That Be decided to streamline the website.


Oh, what a pity that can't be done anymore! I too was entranced at the howling ... what fun!


-- Jeannette, regretful about some of the streamlining...

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I,ve been to four of them. :o Three were very straight foward. Easy to follow the trail of reflector tacks. The fourth one though was a little trickier causing me to go after it twice. :o

I had a lot of fun doing all of them but would caution you not to skimp on the reflector tacks.

Last week I finally put out one of my own nighttime caches :rolleyes: but haven't seen too much action on it yet. Maybe when it warms up here. :D

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There are only two in my area. I loved them both. On the first one my wife and I were laughing like a couple of little kids we were having so much fun. Both of the ones in this area are safe walks at night - my only complaints is that they were too short and over too quickly!


I'm a FTF hound so I often go out and find new caches at night. I love caching then. I wish there were more caches specifically designed to be done at night. If I knew of a great place for one I'd definitely place a night cache using fire tacks.

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There is an urban one very near to my house. Not firetacks, but a spot where you point your flashlight and get a blinking code of lights back to you for coordinates for stage 2 where the cache is.

Hidden by a very imaginative hider near me. He also has one using morse code.

I just gave away the cache secret, so I won't give you the cache name or waypoints.


I haven't done any other specific night ones, I'll have to give it a try.

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I've not tried a night-only cache yet, but a couple have popped up nearby, and I'm looking forward to the challenge.


I also just bought an LED headlamp, since light shining from eye level will reflect back at eye level better than a handheld flashlight.


I still think there should be a Night Only Cache attribute for the PQ's.



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No thanks. Lights at night bother me. I don't drive after dark. (I hate winter!)

That being said, we did do one night cache with fire tacks. Of course, we did it during the daytime. The search area was fairly limited, and we followed a few sets of firetacks before we started searching everywhere, and found it! :laughing: But I will pass on any more of them.

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I just had someone try to do mine during the day. HAHA! its designed to defeat those attempts. They found the final, but didn't get all the wps needed to get into the final. /snicker. Its doable I'm sure, but very very hard.

I don't much care for folks doing a night cache during the day, thus the extra steps required to get into mine. Its alot of work setting a night cache up and why bother if folks are just going "cheat" and do it during the day.


To anyone planning on setting up a night cache, don't use white reflectors unless you want it found in the day. Use the Stealth Fire Tacks made by Wildtech. Get the discounted ones for a nice savings in cost. Try to set up on a trail system that has branching trails, and set your reflectors in a way thats hard to spot in the day. (side of tree opposite of trail, up high) Even better, slap a lock on the final and have the finders stop in different places for the combo. Worked for mine :laughing:

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