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Camouflague Bags

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Where do you buy the little camouflage bags that folks put their caches into? :)


And what do they cost? :wub:


If anyone could let me have any links or info on the bags I would appreciate it. ;)


I bought 2 metres of fabric and some cord a couple of weeks ago and got the old sewing machine out and I have been making my own in 3 different sizes for our own caches. They cost very little to make and they look OK.


Now I have an idea how to make some money for the PDSA at the Durham Meet :huh::):wub:


Mandy :)

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Mandy - you and I are on the same wavelength!!!!!

I've been out today and bought camo material to make some into 'goody bags' as prizes for the S Wales event meet in a few weeks time for a childrens' event .

Thought the camo bags with sweets, a gecko each(Dave's providing those) and other bits and pieces would perhaps appeal more than a plastic bag!!!!

Did wonder about making a few more and seeing how they go - like the idea of a donation possibly mountain resue as you never know when we may need it with this hobby of ours. It's either that or Dog's Trust. Or share it if I make a fortune!!!!!! :D

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2 great minds Lilian :D


Yeah I've started making mine not decided on the exact price yet :D


I reckon to fit a screw top cup about £1.00 - £1.50 to fit a 1 litre container £1.50 - £2.00 and maybe a larger one for about £3.00


I have also been making bags from the weed control stuff you buy from the garden centres for a long while, this has lots of small holes in so lets water through and back out but dries very quickly and makes a good camouflage, most of our caches are covered in that.


Shower curtains are good too :D


I have spoken to quite a few local cachers and they are not bothered about waterproof fabric they just want a bag to camouflage their caches and most fabric will dry quickly anyway :)


Mandy :)

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I think the best thing would be to make some Lilian and see if you can sell them to your local cachers, then if they go OK add a thread to a few of the American forums and see if you get any feedback. :D


I am going to make about a half dozen of each size and see if I can sell them at the Durham Meet or to any of the locals here. :D I don't think they will complain at the prices I have quoted as the prices I have seen are much higher and they will also include P & P


Alex what size are the bags Mongoose has that are 3 for £4.20??


Mandy :)

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