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B) Some time ago i helped someone with an article for the Outdoor enthusiast mag to promote Geocaching and has now been published in the March issue.

The Mag is available from most outdoor shops and by mail order,the article is four pages long and has some excellent pics of local cachers and caches.

There is a pic of the cliffs near (Compare contrast cache),a pic of Stueys Charmouth fossil hunt earthcache,a pic of me coming out of the underworld series bonus (not good)!!!The Cache sniffer holding one of Hillscape's caches in mid Wales,a pic of Skate coming out of one of the underworld series caches and one of the Cantor clan coming out of Knackered knees,(the underworld series again.

I think the mag can also be ordered through your local newsagent at a cost of £4.95,and excellent write up and pics for Geocaching.com!!!! :PB):P

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:D Have eventually tracked some of the mags down if anyone wants one.

Thomas moores of Exeter,and if u ask nicely Steve of the Blazing otters will sort u out. :D


As I type this I have eight copies of the mag on my desk, I have earmarked one for Skate and one for the Cantors. If anyone else wants one I would be happy to send them one on. The mag normally retails at £4.95 but as it has a couple of photos of Davy Boy in, it has devalued the mag.

I would be happy to send the other 6 copies to deserving cachers for no charge.


Just mail me if you want a copy.



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In the next issue there is going to be a large article about Waymaking. Davy Boy is again going to be featured, sharing his vast experience and love of Waymarking to the magazine reading public.


If anyone has any amusing stories or pictures of Waymarking - I am sure Dave would love to here from you.

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I would love a copy if you have any left, but please let me pay for it and give you money for postage!


If you let me have your address I will send a copy off to you.

I am quite happy to cover the costs but if you really can't accept one with my compliments, I will include my address with the mag so you can make a contribution.




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:D Sorry, I didn't mean to cause offence? It's very generous of you to offer to post it for free, but I'm not used to people giving me free things! I'm too lazy to walk to a shop and buy the mag, and besides, I like getting post (apart from bills), it makes me feel happy :cry: . I would feel much less guilty if I could pay for it though.


I've sent you an email with my address, and if you'd like me to send a cheque please let me know. Thanks once again.

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