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Anthus Laptop Geocoin


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Wow! The response has been overwhelimg -- here in my thread, all my PM messages, and all my email messages. I'm glad everyone is as excited about my new coin as I am. B)


As some of you are aware, I've been fighting the flu and a sinus infection most of this week (after catching it from my 7 year old daughter). I took the picture, posted the message, answered a few emails, and then went to bed last night. I woke up this morning to a lot of messages (please be patient as I'm trying to respond to all of them).


I designed the coin and Tess and the fine folks at Coins & Pins made it a reality. This is a compliated coin involiving 4 dies and yes, it has a hinge and opens and shuts :P To my knowledge, this is the first and only geocoin with a hinge. I have been working on this coin for a couple months now and haven't told anyone about it. So, when the samples came yesterday, I couldn't resist anymore and had to share the pics with everyone. There were some errors on the samples that are being fixed. But all in all, they turned out pretty great!


My husband and I spend a significant amount of time on our laptops -- we both have computer related professional careers and computer related hobbies. So, this geocoin was a perfect fit for both of us. And, where we geocaching be if it were not for technology and computers. :P


These are not for sale yet. I want to wait until I get approved proofs before they go on sale. I know how much everyone hates prepaying for coins months in advance.


I don't have all the details on price and availability yet. But, here is what I do have:


- There will be a Black Nickle version

- They will be trackable on gc.com

- They will be sequentially numbered

- They are 1.75" (so it should fit in your binder)

- They will not come with an internet connection B) (sorry I had to throw that in)


Stay tuned to these forums. I'll post more information as it become available.




Edited to add coin size

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Wow, these are AWESOME! If there were Geocoin awards, this one would for sure be the winner. I'm in for one, I'm guessing they're going to cost a little more than the average coin.


and get well soon B)


Thanks. They will cost a little more than a regular coin but not twice as much. I'm trying to keep the price down as much as I can.

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