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Using A lanyard on a 60 csx or 76 csx

Oil Can

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I see that the 60 csx has th lanyard slot at the top of the unit. The 76 csx has it at the bottom. If you wore it around your neck the 76 would be up side down with the antenna pointing at the ground. Will the unit work correctly? Im not planning on having it around my neck all the time but in case my hands are full or need to hold onto small children. It think it would be nice not to put it in my pocket. Thank you

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Good question. That's one of the reasons I've never put a lanyard on the 76CS I used to have or on the 76CSx I currently own. Of course I also carry around a caching bag and have a case for my unit hung from the bag by a caribiner so that allows me to hold the unit when I need my hands free.

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That is about the only thing I don't like about the Garmin 76 series. I have had to resort to using my 76csx on a lanyard and having it hanging upside down where it will loose sat signal and therefore tracking. I guess it is better to have it around your neck and loose sat signal than to drop it ruin your gps. I also have a case from gilson where while the gps is in the case it will hang in the upright position and keep tracking. The gilson case is almost perfect except that the clear plastic window is a little too thick and when the temps are in the 30s or lower pressing the buttons through the plastic without the plastic pressing on other buttons will not give the desired results.


team sidewinder

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I always used the included belt clip with my 60CSx, but I also used the lanyard and connected it to my belt or belt loop with a carbiner clip incase I dropped it while walking.


But with the SiRF III chips, you get great reception that would barely if at all be affected upside down.

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Great! Thank you all so much. Just what I wanted to hear. Looks like the 76 csx will be my first Gps.

Cant wait to use it on my trip to the Grand Canyon area with auto routing software and to find some caches around town. I was already to buy a Garmin Quest 2 untill i did a search about Geocaching. Boy, caching sounds fun and I can get the family involved. dog too.

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Most devices have their lanyards on the bottom of the unit. With GPS and older GPS chips, reception could be a problem, so they attached the lanyards at the top. I feel that that having the lanyard at the bottom on a unit that encorporates a SiRF III chips is the proper way. If it were to hang it around my neck, it would be right side up when I looked at it. With others, it would be upside down when viewing it around my neck.

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I don't wear my 76CSx around my neck. I don't like it thumping on my chest as I walk. I use the lanyard around my wrist as I hold the GPS so that if I drop it, it doesn't smash to little bitty pieces on the rocks below. I have destroyed a digicam by failing to use the lanyard, and I will NOT do that with a GPS that cost twice as much.


If I need to stow the GPS, it currently goes into one of the mesh side pockets (or hip belt pocket) of the pack I happen to be wearing. I'm currently searching for an adequate shoulder strap pouch for better tracking.

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I guess I should have stated in my original reply that this lose of signal occured with my 76CS which I have passed on to my wife now. I thought that even with the new sirf chip my new 76CSX would loose signal as the CS did if hung upside down from a lanyard although I have never really tried the CSX that way yet . I am glad to hear that this is not the case and that the 76CSX will keep sat signals. Corrected.

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