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Who Do you Choose and how?


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In the very beginning for me it was price, what we could afford, and the willingness of the vendor to help us with things we didn't know about. Now I've gotten to know several vendors and it's more about what I know they outshine everyone else in!


I'd say look at coins you like, figure out who produced them, then introduce yourself and see if there is "chemistry".


BTW love your avatar, I'm in Celtic stuff, will your coins be Celtic?

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I must say the deciding factor for us was the company that was good about responding to our e-mails the quickest and who kept a good line of communications with us. We tend to ask a lot of questions and only one didn't mind. Being from Idaho (like you and our coin vendor) , we chose to use coinswag.com <_<


Pricing and quality of work are also other factors you'll want to look at.

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I am finishing up on the designs of a couple of coins to have made but I just can decide who to work with? What was a deciding factor for you? :laughing:

For our first 2 coins we used vendor "a" and then on the 3rd design the service went south. Late response to e-mails, couldn't get them on the phone. They had internal problems.

We met someone caching that had been in business with military coins for a few years. We started to work with them. The service has been great, promises made and met. Responsive to questions and e-mail, and they are just a phone call away. They have people available late on e-mail , as they are in their office very late as they deal with the "minter" in China due to the time difference. Many times I have sent an e-mail at 10 PM EST and get a response in a few minutes.They also give advice and are willing to do "as you wish".

Now we are in production with our 8th coin with them and 2 more to come.

I am long term retail and their business practice is sound and reliable. The other member of the group is creative and they work very well with that side of our group.

So I guess it boils down to service and trust.

You can see some of our coins in my link in my sig line.

Feel free to PM me if you wish.

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For me I guess it's service and price, these both vary from vendor to vendor. Key is to do your homework. I would suggest that you figure out what you want such as: size, quantity, 2d\3d design etc. Then ask 3-4 vendors for quotes. Make sure all the costs are shown like shipping etc.

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I wanted someone who had great customer service. I had been buying coins for awhile, so I had a feel for who got back to me the fastest & took care of my needs the easiest. I wanted someone to handle the whole production for me. I wanted someone who I knew would work with me to fulfill some unusual requests. For me, that was Steve at Hogwildstuff.org. We all have our favorites. He is mine.

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i would agree that sometimes it comes down to great customer service. we sent out several email quote requests and only got a reply from one website. he answered all of our questions, and replied quickly to emails, helped with the graphics, and worked with our budget. he made our first geocoin design a very pleasant experience. i highly recommend rusty at personalgeocoins.com very professional, attentive, and he delivers!

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