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GPSMAP 60CSX- Price To Good?

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This is a good price but as stated it is not out of the realm of possibility. I have been researching very extensively for the past few weeks and $345-380 is pretty standard on most low cost gadget sites. The Garmin web-site as you can tell is way over priced.

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I purchased a 60Cx from them 2 weeks ago for $309.95. Received it in two days. No problems.


They also DBA Adventure Station, which used to be advertised on the geocaching.com website.


Before dealing with them, I searched both names on the forums here and didn't find any horror stories.


I've since dealt with them again purchasing accesories and again received good service.

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$344.99 - not bad. I've seen this elsewhere for $450+.


Are there two versions of GPSMAP 60CSX? Is www.off-route.com and okay company to deal with?






fyi - I bought a 76CSx from Walmart online just a couple weeks ago for $342. They are a good vendor and have a very liberal return policy. You might check them out before you place an order.

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I bought a 60CSx from them back in September. Comedy of errors. I requested USPS shipping to my PO Box; they sent it UPS. Contacted them and they said they do not like USPS, even though it was listed as a shipping option on their site. They contacted UPS for an address change from my PO Box. They told me they would ship a second unit to arrive in time for a planned MTB ride in four days (shipping time to me in central coastal CA is normally 2 days from Reno), and I should refuse the late original redirected shipment.


Long story short, the original unit arrived 6 days later after a redirect by UPS to my work address (that got me chewed by the boss who does not like personal shipping to his business address), and the second unit was never shipped.


The RAM mount I ordered was also the wrong one, and it took over 4 weeks to get the credit for it, since I ordered from another site to avoid this insanity. Oh yeah, and Klaus kept calling my cell number and leaving messages (turned off at work - that boss thing again) when I asked that e-mail be used as the main correspondence to resolve the shipping fiasco.



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I bought mine on Amazon back in September. At the time it was $389 with a $50 rebate, so it was "really" $339. I applied for and used the Amazon credit card, so that took the price down to $309. Shipping was (and still is) free, of course. The $30 off if you sign up for an Amazon card is still available if you choose to use it.

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