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Hi! I started doing geocaching with my students when I was teaching, but I have since resigned and would like to start looking for caches again with my young son. I was trying to find some in the area near where we will be vacationing this spring, but they all say "earthcache". I was hoping someone could tell me what that is. I just don't want to get there and have it be like a virtual cache. For his first few times I would like him to see that something was actually hidden out there for us to find. Thanks!

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It is indeed "like a virtual cache". No container. These are sponsered by the Geological Society of America and are based on some local geological feature. Normally you have to snap a picture of yourself at the coords and then answer some questions to log the find. Fun and educational but no container to find. Hope this helps.



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I can understand wanting to find sites for your child to actually find a container. Like the previous posts said, earthcaches are like virtual caches in that you will find nothing but an earth formation that will make you go in awe. You can learn more at the Earthcaching web page.


If everything that you are finding on the cache lists happens to all be earthcaches...then chances are you are going to a National Park or a like location where physical caches are not allowed. Try looking for caches in places that are outside the park that you know you will be visiting (such as a hotel, friends house, places to eat etc.) and see if their are traditional, or multi caches around. The kids will enjoy regular caches so much better so try to get those.


If you are unsure about the area you are going, then you can email me privately and I will do a search of the area you are going and see if I can find regular sized caches.


Another thing you can do is post in the regional forums for the area you are going and you will find locals that will aid you in locating caches.

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