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new gps user

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My suggestion would be to first...be patient. There is actually a lot to absorb if you want to...but take it easy. The first geocache I found I hand entered into my GPS. From there I start simply using the "search" function here on the forums. Most questions you need answered have been multiple times...."search" is your friend. A lot of great info. here on the forums.

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When I started with my GPS receiver (commonly referred to as a GPSr), I first stood in my backyard to get a satellite lock and read the quick guide on how to read the coordinates. The FAQ on www.geocaching.com is very handy on setting up the GPSr.


Then I walked around my neighborhood, marking waypoints and being able to find the waypoint again. This taught me how POIs (points of interest) work and how to edit/delete them from memory.


Then I printed out my first cache pages and manually entered the coords in the GPRr. As I knew roughly where the cache would be by the cache's description, using the GPSr to navigate to the cache was easier.


From there it's just more experiments, trying the new features.


Hope this helps :-)

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