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Cruiserdude II


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This is from the email that went out it's 9PM folks :laughing:


CoinsAndPins.com upcoming coin sales notice:



Sales for the below listed coins will start on 11 Mar 2007, Sunday, at approximately 9:00pm EST USA. Earlier times are not available due to our schedule:


- Cruiserdude personal geocoin for 2007


EDIT ++ Others ,, opps sorry Scott



These coins will be available on our "stock geocoins" page, or you can use this link:



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What the hell?


We are sorry; the CoinsAndPins.com web site is closed due to administrative upgrades.


All custom order transactions and operations will continue as usual. If you would like to contact us, please call 910-848-PINS(7467), or email at customerspt@coinsandpins.com.


About us: We are suppliers of promotional products with focus on custom made coins and lapel pins for businesses, military, school, government, geocaching, church, or any other organization. Coins and pins are great for awards, fundraisers, commemorations, and promoting your organization.


Thank you.


Ignore, back up.

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Wow! I managed to get in for one of each! For an old LandCruiser fan, these were high on the I want list! Thanks for the opportunity! I had two blue Cruisers, a mustard yellow Cruiser, two white Cruisers, and one very ugly brown one. Like a fool I sold them all. Actually, I meant to keep one, I had two advertised. One guy said he would be back in a little while. While he was gone a friend bought the other. As my luck would have it, the CruiserDude showed up and took my little blue FJ40. :D A different CruiserDude I am sure... Glen

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We were gone geocaching until late last night and when it dawned on me, I went to C&P site and they were still available so I ordered an antique copper! I could hardly believe they were still available since the last 3 times I have tried to get coins there, they were sold out in a very short period of time. Anxious to see it in hand since it looks so nice in the picture.

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