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look for a good gps for my truck/cycle

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was looking to spend about $350 needs to have touch screen controls,voice routing,and be able to be taken out of truck,to be used on cycle was looking at the garmin street pilot C330 need some input on this unit or sugestions for other units in my price range

Motorcycle gps units are pricy unless you get a 60csx,60cx,76cx or 76csx however you give up a touchscreen. Bike gps's must be waterproof above all else. The Zumo 550 is supposed to be a good bike unit but it's expensive. Personally I am thinking the 76gsx is good unit for the money however add another 100+ dollars for mapping unless you already own them. a 76csx can be had for $330.00 shipped but with maps you'll push 450....





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Yeah, the c330 isn't waterproof and I'm not sure how it would stand up to the vibration on your bike.


The Zumo is awesome and will fit your needs other than the price aspect. You might want to check out the Streetpilot 27xx and 26xx series. Since they are older models, the prices have come down. The guys on Motorcycle Tourers Forum swear by them.


Check out








There was just a long discussion about the 2610.



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