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Delicious Cache Geocoins, on sale NOW!

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Hi all-


I just got my geocoins back in from the mint, and they look awesome.




They are black nickel, are about 1" wide and about 1.5" long, 3mm thick, imitation hard enamel, trackable with custom icon, and just plain cool.


I'll be selling about 125 of them, so get them while they are hot!


Asking price: $7.50 + $1 s/h (domestic). Right now I'm only accepting Paypal as payment.


Super easy ordering!

Just click here: Delicious Cache Geocoin and add the coin to a PayPal shopping cart. Check out and you're done!


For international shipping, please PM me.





Edit- Link removed while I sort out the most recent orders. I think you guys have bought me out! If I have more, I'll reenable the link.

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Extremely cute, but these are micros?


They aren't technically micros. They are designed however to fit in Micro Caches. They are 1.5" long and just under 1" wide (So they'll fit past the mouth of a pill bottle or a matchsafe or a film canister). They aren't huge, but they aren't teensy either.

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OK, I ordered two more to trade or release. I don't suppose you could package both orders together? It sure would save you postage and packaging materials :laughing:






Sorry- I headed to Post office with your first package before I got this message. One's in the mail already, I'll get the other off next week.


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All- I've disabled the order link temporarily while I figure out if you've bought me out or not. If I still have more after sorting them out, I'll re-enable the link. If there is enough demand, I may order a second batch or release more than I had intended to release. I'll let you know soon where it stands.



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