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Putting a Geocoin to Bed...Zzz

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My guess is that I'm not the only one who has dreamed of at least one infamously Rare Geocoin

that is unobtainable for any reason...


How long do you hold out hope, before "Putting it to bed", so to speak?


I guess, the circumstance and the Coin's history is different for every situation.


"Goodnight Little Geocoin!"


There comes a time when the pursuit needs to end... and, now I feel better... :)



So, how long is it for you?

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What coin was it?


I haven't been doing this long enough to run into this situation. I never thought I'd get a Moun10Bike, but I found out he was at GeocoinFest & I took a chance & asked him if he would be interested in a trade. He said YES!!! I'm not sure you should ever give up. Your secret Easter Bunny may end up finding it for you!

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I've managed to get several rare coins i wanted so far, so I'm holding out hope someday i'll have the others i still seek.


maybe some don't think all these are rare, but..


Moun10bike v1 - Not Yet

Moun10bike v2 - Not Yet

Moun10bike v3 - Yep

Groundspeak Volunteer - Yep

Groundspeak Lackey - Yep

Indy Diver v1 - Not Yet (but I have 4pc set of v1.5)

Jeep'en Jumpers - Yep

Lemon Fresh Dog Geobone - Yep

Geocoinfairy - Yep

JoeFrog's Famous Geocoin - Not Yet

Waypoint15 - Not Yet

Podcacher - Not Yet

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It must be the Iridium Yime. I have mine right next to my Nuclear Yime - although you can't touch or hold them without melting the skin off your hands :)


You may not be able to hold them but I bet they glow nice and pretty :laughing: !!


So do I now. Stupid &^#%$&%#@ Yime........

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It must be the Iridium Yime. I have mine right next to my Nuclear Yime - although you can't touch or hold them without melting the skin off your hands :)


You may not be able to hold them but I bet they glow nice and pretty :laughing: !!

And would tend to explain an awful lot.... :laughing:

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Personally I would put it to bed right after I got a "Sorry, No thanks" or something similar response to my proposed trade. You ask for a trade then let the chips fall where they may. If it is acceptable then it is made, if not then it isn't. I have seen people do nothing shy of begging for a coin in the forums, and frankly it is sad. At the very least it makes you wonder about them. At most they guilt another person into giving them something that they normally wouldn't. Then how would you feel about what you got in return. Seems kind of tainted to me, and definately not fair to the actual owner. Too much drama for me.


*This is my personal feelings to the general question asked. Since the coin in question wasn't mentioned by the OP, it can't be taken as being directed at her.

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Never give up hope. I have some coins on my seeking list that I will likely never even see yet alone own....but I still leave them there you know just incase.


I too have gotten some coins that I never thought I would like GS Volunteer, GS Lackey, The Geocoin Fairy, Geocoin Secret Agent, etc.....



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I agree in that you should never give up.


You should always have those 1 or 2 (special) coins at the TOP of your wish list. While receiving any and all geocoins can make your day, actually receiving one of those special ones can make your entire month. Sure it may not happen, but you can always dream...


Never stop dreaming!

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Awkward thread for me, because I've come to know the subject in question is my personal coin. Folks, my coins were never intended to cause any unsettled feelings. I know it’s been said in jest, but this does put it in perspective: It’s a coin, not a kidney. I don’t mean to make light of this, because in a way it's indeed sincere flattery that people want my personal coin. However, I’m very taken aback after having received a handful of emails requesting that I please help out Fluttershy. In my opinion, it’s not altogether fair for me to have been placed in this situation over someone’s desire for a coin. None of us should ever be made to feel guilty about not trading with someone, no matter how good your intentions are. Especially when you consider that Fluttershy already HAS one of my coins, and a rare version at that. Yes, that’s right...I sent a gold version of my coin to Fluttershy last December for free, unsolicited. If that wasn’t known, I suppose it is now. It was a part of my silly little belief that I could mint a limited version of my coin that’s neither for sale nor trade. I simply gave them as a gesture to say “Thank You” to random individuals who’d done something kind for either me, my family, or my friends. Call me crazy, but I never wanted this to be known publicly until somebody put one of my coins on eBay and made themselves a coupla hundred bucks. Believe me, it’s not a great feeling knowing you can’t please everybody, or in seeing someone pocket that kind of cash for something you yourself won’t sell for profit.


This may seem odd to hear from me, but as often as I post a wise-crack or off-color comment, I really don't like the spotlight. I prefer the shadows, picking and choosing my time to trade and/or participate in these forums. Right now, I feel like I'm on the stand and being questioned as to why I won't trade with someone. People have valid reasons why they say no to trades, and really shouldn’t have to defend their decisions under any circumstances. Let’s please not start in this direction. There’s often more to the story than you’re given.



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ALL I can say is, WOW... I'm embarrassed. :rolleyes:


When I created this thread, it was to say that I gave up on "A Coin"... and I never meant it

to be discussed which coin that was.


I've had several emails with Dave, and I consider those private.

Yes, I did post several times in trade for my Desire for the Bronze & the Uranium Yimes...

and Yes, Dave did send a Golden Yime, which was posted on my geocoincollection keeping list.


Dave did ask that I keep that a secret, which I have, until this very moment.


I did ask, that when you do have a certain favorite coin... do you try to get all of the metals?

I don't think that it's nesseceraly being selfish...


I also, would like to say... that I never begged for this coin. I put up a couple of cute posts in trades, and

I also exchanged a few emails with Dave. I declared being his "Number 1 fan" and understood immediately

when he said that he had no more Bronze. I sent two emails about the Uranium, I believe... and left it at that.


All done, now. Not only is this discussion complete, but I don't want to talk about this coin ever again.





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I don't think that there is anything wrong with trying as long as you put bad pressure on anyone.

I also don't think that Fluttershy meant that people were supposed to try to get her the coin, or pressure YY into giving it. She was trying to just discuss giving up on a coin with others who have done the same thing.


Some people misunderstood, and tried to pressure YY into giving up the coin. That is where it went wrong. Think about what the OP is trying to say before posting. This was supposed to be a discussion about letting a coin go.


Maybe a mod can close this thread now, before other damage/embarrasment can be caused.



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I never really gave the 'putting to bed' of a coin very much thought. I guess I rank some coins as simply unattainable... then much to my surprise I attained at least one of them through the kindness of a geofriend.

I want to parrot what AtlantaGal said... place it on the back burner... maybe even put it from your mind. I've found that stuff I actively look (or pine) for rarely comes to be, but when I forget about it, it appears in front of me.

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