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I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours

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Counting tomorrow's event, Ohio is up to 7 pending CITO events. They sure keep the reviewers busy with all the event submissions! You don't even get to regular caches on the newest caches in Ohio search until part way down on page two.


Way to go, Buckeyes!!!


Perhaps the Ohio people have cabin fever??? B) That's more events than I've ever seen posted in one state. Way to Go!

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I just submitted one for North Dakota. Hopefully it will be listed soon.

Well it's only one but it is the first ever for North Dakota. :wub::)


That's the spirit. :wub:

There are three listed in Alberta right now but I expect we will go up to five shortly. The CITO caches make a big difference in how land managers perceive geocaching, CITO caches are also a lot of fun. Kudos to you for taking that first step, it is a big one. Being a CITO organizer puts you on the front line when it comes to the public and their perception of geocaching.


We are getting ready for our second Heavy Lift CITO, a challenging 4/4 cache that produced a ton of laughs and ton of good reviews from public officials last year.

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Well, as far as I know, there is only ONE CITO in Indiana...ours. And there are only 4 teams signed up for it, and one maybe! After the turn out we had last year, I have to say, I am rather embarrased by the lack of support this year. Hopefully more people will sign up, as it is still 2.5 weeks out.


Send the CITO MOJO our way!!!

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4/14/2007 Lake Kirby Clean Up - CITO 2007 by Greater Abilene Geocachers Association

4/14/2007 San Antonio CITO Day 2007 by AnthonyV and San Antonio Geocaching Assn.

4/14/2007 Brazos Bend State Park Earth Day CITO by Houston GeoCaching Society Members

4/21/2007 Keep Austin Beautiful - Slaughter Creek Greenbelt by KoosKoos


4 so far...



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Are the tallies for National CITO Day only or for all CITOs held/scheduled?


If it is for all held/scheduled, S. Carolina has already held 2 so far with another 8 scheduled for April 14th.


CITO with FRED IV GC11Y5J is scheduled to be held May 12.



That brings S. Carolina's total CITOs held/scheduled up to 11.

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Cool, surferacf!

You want to keep up with the updates?





Graph of all upcoming CITO events by state


Question: IS the graph supposed to represent all upcoming CITO events for each state, or all CITO events for each state YTD? I checked Guyute1210's clain of 11 PA CITOs, but only saw 8.

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