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Random Acts of Kindness March Give-Away

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I tried to nominate someone for PIF, they had already been nominated, tried to donate a coin to PIF mission and I was advised very nicely that I should consider doing my own mission. So, here I am with;


Random Acts of Kindness March Special Sig item Give-Away (CONTEST OPEN NOW THRU SATURDAY MARCH 10th, 8:00pm MST)


Here is the scoop; For every remaining month in 2007, there will be a Random Acts of Kindness contest give away for a handmade, Sacred Circle design, petroglyph sig item, nontrackable (see picture below).




1. You must send me an email with the name of a geocacher (from anywhere in the world). You can contact me through my profile email.


2. In the email you should tell me why you would like this geocacher to receive a Random Act of Kindness (something they have done for their community, the geocaching community, the planet, you, etc.)


3. The entries will be read by myself, and family members who will then choose one of the entries for that month. Nominations not chosen WILL carry over until either they have been picked or the "contest" ends in Dec. 2007.


4. I will then contact you (the submitter) to tell you, your entry was chosen (it will not be posted here in the thread). You will then have to provide me with an address for the gecoacher if you have it, if not than I will work on getting it, so don't let not having an address stop you from nominating someone.


5. I will then mail off a special package to the deserving geocacher that tells them they were nominated for this contest by someone who thought they deserved to be recognized for something they had done.


6. The recipient of the petroglyph sig item will not know who nominated them (= Random Act).


7. Any questions; please email me or post them here.


**Measures 3.6" in diameter, all Random Act of Kindness recipients will receive this Sacred Circle design.




(edited to add more information....*don't have to have an address *names will carry over)

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Hmm . . . First Off this is a very cool idea!


Second . . . . well . . . . not poking holes in the idea at all because it is very cool . . . but thinking it is not very random.


Just My Thoughts


Why do you feel it is not random? I'm kind of limited to what I'm able to do. Your suggestions for improvement?


It ends up being a random act of kindness to the person receiving it.............that was the intent.

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I can think of a few others to nominate, but I odn't have their adresses. What can be done about that?


Don't worry about that part, worst case scenario, I can contact them thru their profile and get their addy. Just nominate someone and I'll worry about getting them their gift.



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Bumping this up.......I have received some wonderful nominations so far, seems there are some very wonderful people out there :sad:.


Come on fellow geocachers, you have until 8pm MST tonight, take a couple minutes out of your day and nominate someone who you feel deserves a little "Random Act of Kindness". This costs absolutely nothing to you! Just give me a name and a brief reason why and go about your day :sad: The reasons can be very simple to as detailed as you want to get.


Plus it will make you feel good inside just to know you cared enough to write in someone's name.




The March recipient will be chosen Sunday evening. It won't be posted here because we don't want that person to know that they are being recognized (yet). I will contact the nominator(s) if their nominee is chosen. NOMINATIONS do carry over.

Have a great day all .

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