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Trade you my coin for a bag of trash.....

Lemon Fresh Dog
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Hello all,

The first 10 CITO event organizors that contact me with an address can have a coin to give away at their event from me.


The coins will be RANDOM (do not ask for a specific coin) selections of:


Calgary 2006

Calgary 2007 (new one)


Personal Coin

random older coins (Finland, APE, BC, etc)


Please post below once you have sent me the addess (the event has to be an official CITO event). I will mail the coins tomorrow or Monday.


Also - if you are "claiming" a coin, please check to see how many above you have posted - I have 10 to give away. (maybe number your request 1,2,3,....)

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Thanks to everyone for the responses. I have the 10 coins ready to go. At this point, I can only send out 10 coins, but maybe this summer or fall I will do another 10. Please wait if/when I post to request. I hate to say "no", but if I open it up to more than 10 I am sure to have hundreds of requests.


Most importantly - don't forget to give back to your communities by being involved in the CITO events in your areas! The public face of caching is very important to allow parks officials to accept the caching activities.


We already have caches banned from national parks - let's keep the local, regional and state/provincial parks engaged in understanding the respect cachers have for the environment in which our caches are placed!

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We had our first CITO of the year this morning. It was 27 degrees with blowing snow, but 16 brave souls showed up to get the job done. We had the coin drawing before we headed out and Sneakpeekers from Toledo was the lucky winner of the Calgary Stampede Coin. She is second from the right in the photo

Many thanks to Lemon Fresh Dog for his kind gift that helped get everyone enthused this morning.



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