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One of the best Geo-Events ever!


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for the 3rd year in a row, the Central Ontario Geocachers will be holding the annual "Spring Fling" event in the Central Ontario area.


This year, we have the distinct pleasure of being able to offer group camping on-site for those who wish to come in from far away and have a cheap alternative for lodging!


If you haven't been to a Spring Fling yet, and Im sure as others will attest, you need to come taste the best Barbequed burgers in the world! It's the truth!


We would like nothing more than to have cachers from all over Canada and the States attend our event. As it stands, it seems as if we may have attendees coming in from BC, Quebec, NY State and even as far away as Australia! :P


Make sure to have a look to the event website at:


Central Ontario Geocachers - Spring Fling III - The Trilogy (GCZ68A)


In anticipation,


Swifteroo and the Central Ontario Geocachers

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For those who want to spend the night nearby and are not interested in camping, check out this site for alternative accommodation:



The best value is Georgian Summer Suites where you can book a one bedroom suite for $65/night (sleeps 2) or a 2 bedroom suite (sleeps 4) for $75/night. Check out their website:



We can negotiate group rates to make it an even better deal. Send us an email if you are interested in staying at the suites to isqubaandnawty@gmail.com


See you at COG Spring Fling III

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