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It just gets aggravating

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that's funny stuff.


yes, the cache crap get aggrevating. it stinks when some of us try so hard to up the quality, but for each one of "us", there are a hundred folks who don't care. i guess you just have to keep uping the swag to make ourselves feel good, cause there ain't much more reason than that for doing it.


and i hope you decide to keep your caches open to all. that is just a personal beef of mine, and i had to get that in there again!! :P


anywho, just keep trying to improve, and sometime or another it may just get around to you again. maybe not though hehehe

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I love finding good stuff, and i wish i had the cash flow to provide such items, but i can't so i tried to trade fair. Actually, usually my 2 year old boy picks the trade, and he doesn't care if it is junk - as long as it is shiny or colorful.


So in one way i am glad that there are lower cost items to trade. But i really hate finding some dudes broken mother board from his 1995 computer.


I am placing a cache here soon. it will have a truck load of "lower cost" items in it. but that is part of the theme.


So i guess i am torn.

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Swag is cool. But for me swag is bonus. The fun is in the hunt and the find. My personal trade item is not high dollar. It is a wooden knickel with my team on it. They cost me about 80 cents apiece. They are not expensive but highly personal. But even that adds up if you do 20 caches in a day.

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