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When the stars align...

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Showed this to the graphics boss here at the sign shop (work...) and hinted it would be nice if my soon to be ordered new computer could run this. He hinted it would be nice if my computer didn't turn out to be a yellow notepad and #2 pencil :P ; then he ran the site on his whiz-bang system and had a blast! Now perhaps my graphics card will be updated... :o


This looks like a cool way to show houseguests what geocaching looks like without dragging them out into the current subzero weather here...

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flipped my jeep after cache 24 :D


How? I've been trying but can't get it to go over. :huh:


I did manage to get hung between 2 trees, and straddle a fence though. :D


One thing I got to say, did they get permission to put those caches on private property, like by the electric sub-station and the houses. I am glad they didn't put any pesky micros out there. :huh:

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