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Need help with letter of introduction to Land managers

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I was fortunate to have previously met the contact person I need to inquire with. He knew about geocaching and the caches in his "park." He didnt' know about CITO, so when I emailed him I explained it, included the links to the CITO site etc. I don't know about where you are, but our parks and recs people are really excited about groups asking to help clean up the parks. Just be as honest and informative as you can when contacting the person. Perhaps you could arrange to meet with them and show them some geocaches if they are unaware of what it is. Good luck!



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Well, first, you introduce geocaching. That trifold PDF brochure that has been passed around digitally would be useful here.


Then you just add that those nice folks who play will also pick up litter on a specific day, with some support from the office (etc.) Show the land manager the Cache In Trash Out website (print it out, if you like).

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