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Congratulations to polskikrol and ThirstyMick

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On the third day of the third month of this year polskikrol and ThirstyMick did plenty of hiking, and picked up eight caches of some extremely difficult.


This list of caches:

Ravine (GCYBXH)

Dam Monk (GCRZJ1)

Covert-002 (GC6DB)

Schooley's Cache (GCD70)

Rob's Invite (GCJ4B8)

Helispot (GC276E)

Dreamcatcher (GC5F8)

Don't Let The Bears Get Ya (GCN4NG)


Those of you who know my wife and I know that we love good hiking caches. From a hiking point of view, there are no tougher non-multi caches than Dreamcatcher and Helispot in the state of New Jersey. Covert-002 is not far behind. Don’t Let The Bears Get Ya and Rob’s Invite are definitely respectable. Hope someone else will comment on the other three since I just do not know them.


On the same day Waterboy With Wife were out and went by Rob’s Invite and performed maintenance on Helispot. Conditions were icy, making polskikrol and ThirstyMick odyssey more impressive.


Waterboy With Wife

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On the same day? That's a lot of hiking AND driving! Congrats!


Actually just found this post as I normally dont lurk around the forums... decided to search for my name while waiting for ThirstyMick to assemble a few more caches for the list.


All of those caches were actually found as part of our quest for Tour de Cache - NJ County Challenge (GCXQ4H). Having hiked new years in the Vermont mountains a few years back I was quite prepared for the winterly conditions. While we were actually hiking for most of those caches at the Delaware Water Gap I realized I had actually hiked the area before with a friend from college... didnt realize until we hit Sunfish Pond and the Appalachian.


Many thanks for the congratulations ;) It has really put a smile on my face this morning as we head out to Double Trouble State Park for the day (even though it has taken me a while to find this post).

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