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Tried that way but evertime I get to the "7", my home page loads up. Now I have to try and find out where to change that so I can use that feature. This is really bugging me now. It will probly work on my desktop but not on this brand new laptop. I have to hold down a "FN" key to use the number pad, which is color coded. So I can do 3 things on 1 key. So I tried holding down "FN" & "ALT" and typed 0176. But it leaves this page to go to my home page. I'm going to freak.

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A real easy way is to just cut-and-paste a degree symbol from the coordinates listed near the top of every cache listing page. On a windows based PC highlight the degree symbol by pressing the left mouse button as you drag the cursor across the degree symbol, then press 'CTRL C' to copy the ° symbol. then position the cursor where you want the ° symbol and press 'CTRL V'. You can also paste it into e-mails or any other place you need it.


Oh, in Word, on the tool bar go to 'INSERT', 'SYMBOL', select the degree symbol ° by highlighting it and click on 'INSERT'.

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