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Heard this on the radio...

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That is a horrible event, but a cool way to nab somebody.


I used to work maintenance, and i company up here put GPS on all their trucks after seeing strange things on time sheets.


All the employess were aware of the new system, none the less, one guy continued to stop for a "rendevous" about 2pm every day for an hour or so. they could see on the computer his truck sitting out side his "ladies" house everyday for about 5 work days. at which time he was terminated.


i bet his wife almost terminated him too!

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I store all my movements in my mobile computer by choice.


I figure that if I am ever falsely accused of something i might be able to use it as evidence that I was "Ali Ubi" - ELSEWHERE at the time of the alleged incident. (I think that is the correct Latin derivation for "alibi" but Latin class is a LONG way back in my past :ph34r: )


It also might serve to show that i WAS where i was supposed to be or that I generally obey the speed limit quite scrupulously if that might ever become of relevance.


Like anything, it can work both ways.

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