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It's Time for Geocaching Geocoin


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Now that we have come down from the excitement of having our first coin made, we decided it was time for the second. :anibad:




the coin will be 1.5" (38.1mm) coins and 3.0mm thick

they will be trackable with own icon (details to follow!)

they will be 2D initation hard enamel.

they will come in gold, silver and copper!

the txt on the back reads 'Say it's time for Geocaching'


We have just sent the designs off for a quote so will provide more details when available but i expect they will sell for a similar price to the Casino geocoins (£5 plus shipping)


we will add more info as we get it and start reserving and selling asap so it will be worth keeping an eye on this topic if you want one/some! for now however I just thought I would show you the design to see what do you think!! :D


edited to add a bigger picture!!

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Thanks for all the interest and comments about these coins. :ph34r::ph34r:B)B)B)


I can't take credit for the design (well I could but it would be wrong :o:P ). My brother (fiffnruss) designs the coins and I sell them with a bit of help from the rest of the family to get them all posted etc. It worked well with the casino coins and hopefully will again with this little stunner!


forgot to say in the first post but we will again be having 250 made and selling 200, the rest will be kept, traded, sent out to travel or given away.

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Another update!


We have just about confirmed the design now and so it should only be a few weeks before we have the coins in hand. with this in mind i am now taking orders. if you would like one/some of these coins please email/pm me with the following info:


geocaching nick

real name

shipping address

number of coins you want and which metals (gold, silver, copper)

paypal email address


I will then send you an invoice.


P.s. is there any chance one of the mods could change the subtitle of this thread to: 'taking orders'. thanks :D

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I am now taking orders for this coin!


please see my last thread for info and reply to that one, not this one!! :huh:


the aim of this thread is to ask the mods to merge this with with the last thread or change the subtitle or what ever wizardry they get up to so that the subtitle reads 'now taking orders'


thanks guys


p.s. i apologise and hang my head in shame if i have gone about tis the wrong way!! :rolleyes:

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Here are some pics of the little beuties!








On the front of the coin, the second hand will be white all the way along! Apart from that the coins will be like these!


Thanks again to all those who have ordered and paid for their coins. We are expecting them fairly soon now!


Edited for spelling and grammer!!

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There has been a slight delay with the arrival of these coins but hopefully they should be here next week.


I would like to thank those people who have ordered and paid for their coins for their patience and we hope to have them sent to you asap.


If any one else wants one/some of these coins let me know as we still have a few left!

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:blink: The coins have arrived!!!!!!! :mad:


big thanks again to all those people who paid for coins a while ago and have been very patiently waiting for them to arrive and i can assure you that we plan to get them packaged up over the weekend and in the post in the new week so that you can enjoy them as much as we are!!


we still have quite a few left so if you want any they are still £5 each plus shipping and you need to email/pm me with the following info:


geocaching nick

real name

shipping address

number of coins you want and which metals (gold, silver, copper)

paypal email address


edinbugh walker i have not had any emails from you :blink: i don't know whats happened to it! :rolleyes:


edited to say: payment by paypal is prefered!

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What happened to the apostrophe in "it's"? :D


:) Well spotted!!! I only noticed after we had confiemed the design and they were sent to be minted! this is despite several people checking them and me being a qualified proofreader!! :DB)


edited to say: I think it has gone geocaching!

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