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Colorado 2007 - Geocoin Design


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I have designed another coin, this time the Colorado 2007 Geocoin. Please provide feedback on your likes and dislikes and suggestions you may have, especially looking for input form fellow Colorado cachers.


There is a discussion on this local forum page as well.







Part of the discussion is having two different backs like the Ontario 2006 coin. Please come one come all, any input is apprciated.

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Being from Colorado, originally, I always like the "old" license plate better. The one w/ the green mountains and the white sky. I've never seen a green sky anywhere. Also, I think the Columbine (state flower) would be a nice thing to have on this, if you shrunk the stegosaurus, or something? Just a couple thoughts.

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Forgot to add some comments about the design. The white on the front would be recessed with some texture in the mountaains to give depth.


The dino would be 3D raised and would to antique or two-tone.


Not quite sure on the birds and butterfly but may do silk screen or photo etched with soft enamel.


The holes for the bolts will be cutout. Looking for size around 1x2 (proportional to real plate).

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Nice coin i will take 1-2 of each. :)


Seen a Colorado plat the other day sky was purple. :huh::)

This is the standard color but there are a ton of colors and options. I in fact have a yellow plate that was authorised by the university I graduated from. No it doesn't have a buffalo on it.

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Personally, I like how the previous Colorado coins were round, but that's just me....old school.


Me, too. :anibad:


I like the way the first two years were similar to each other to keep them consistent.


As for the back, it just looks like two images stuck on a blank background - they don't flow together in any type of design. It would look better if the design elements were tied together somehow versus just being two items/images floating there.

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