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The Contest Logging Thread

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Cleaning up more of the backlog.


Recoveries from 3 23 2007.


DV2314, REG


DV2315, REG


DV2316, REG


DV0549, REG


DV0548, REG


DV2248, REG


DV2235, REG


DV2254, REG


Recoveries from 3 24 2007.


DU2058, REG


DU0450, DNF


CZ1911, REG


DU2061, REG


DU2066, REG


DU0542, REG


CZ1952, REG or maybe it's ERR? :lostsignal:


CZ1951, REG


CZ1950, REG


CZ1948, REG


CZ1947, REG


CZ1910, REG


DU2060, REG


Continuing to the results from 3 25 2007.


DU2276, REG


CZ1953, REG


DU2059, REG


One from 3 26 2007.


DU2072, REG


And finally, 3 27 2007.


DU1002, REG


DV2238, REG

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Not one of my better days. Too many people at the day care center to dig in their lawn. :P Couldn't find one that Zhanna and Rick in NEPA found easily (found the reference mark, though.) Went for a church spire that three people have logged, only to discover that the church was built in 1970. The spire was observed in 1942. Oh, well. What I did find on this gloriously beautiful day:

LY2083 REG

LY0635 REG

LY0636 REG and an S!


2OLDFARTS Fart Counter V.0331 rel666

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Finally getting into the benchmarking action. Lots going on, and I don't expect to win, but I at least want to make a showing!


From Saturday:

RK0583 REG

AA8113 REG

QM0586 REG

I would suggest that the previous two logs are in error, as the FCC shows this tower was constructed in 2000, replacing the previous tower. I can't, however PROVE that the correct tower was not there when the previous two logs were made. I logged as a regular find, and will leave this to the judge's discretion. It's not provable as the logs do not include photos, so I logged it as a regular.

QM0582 REG

AA5211 REG

AA5210 REG

AA5208 REG

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From Sunday:


RK0416 REG

RK0115 REG

RK0418 DNF

RK0696 DNF

RK0696 was logged as not found in 2000 by the MIDT. To be honest, I think it was not looked for, judging by the note and the record I've noted from the reporting individual. That's how it was logged, however. The concrete portion of the dock remains intact. With RK0418, I'll leave it to the judge's discretion--the chiseled square IS very hard to see in the photos. It stands out much better in person.

RK0116 REG

RK0112 REG


John, there are some questionable "extras" here. PM if necessary, but I will leave everything at your discretion. No explanation necessary. Thanks for your work on the contest!

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Gee, I've had great luck the past 2 days with the marks. All the marks I looked for were easy to find as they had been dug out and marked on the roadway or with a stake. If it was only this easy all the time, I'd be WAY ahead in the points.

LX2812 - reg

LX2813 - reg

LX2808 - reg

LX2215 - reg

LX2810 - reg

LX2815 - reg


2 old farts =

LX2810 - D82 = D


gives me - 2; D

Edited by Firefighter Skippy
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