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Kiss Me I'm Irish

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Get out of the cold and snow and get out caching!


Kiss Me I'm Irish

Geocachers Meet and Greet!

N 40° 51.703 W 074° 37.552



What: Geocaching Meet and Greet

Where: Black River Barn Restaurant

When: St Patrick's Day, March 17th 2007, noon to 3 pm

Why: To dust off all that caching inactivity during the winter!




Come and join the NNJC cachers for some St Patrick's Day festivities. Bring your travel bugs and geocoins you have been hording all winter to trade! :D We will have a festive event coin for sale.


Remember to wear green! :D

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Pre-event cache hike.... hmm... anybody bringing climbing equipment (hint, hint)?

If the 6 inches of water on the floor of the High Ledge mine(adit enterance) is still frozen as it has been we can get all the way in to the main shaft. There is a cache there(outside of the mine) and another close by. We can meet at the morris cannal park patking lot. Time?

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Don't know if we can make it but there is NO WAY that we are gonna kiss Avroair! :wub:

Or that Snat dude either :huh:

I once bought avroair a beer just to log his coin.

There's no telling what can happen with the right incentive.


hehe! Those were the days! Now i wish i had made it a 'kiss avroair just to log his coin' ;) --- wait nevermind, Ron and Robert were also at that beach bonfire :):):wub:


Anyone still thinking about the morning icy rain hike? :)

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Well that was lots of fun! Let's do it again in two weeks!


Ummmm, the next St Patricks day isn't for another year.


For someone who is half irish (you can tell by the ski on the name end) you didn't show up! How unpatriotic! :o


FYI two weeks was refering to the Liar! Lair! Pants on Fire event.

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For someone who is half irish (you can tell by the ski on the name end) you didn't show up! How unpatriotic!


The choice was between going outside, hiking, placing a cache and generally enjoying the last beautiful days of winter, or sitting inside and eating unhealthy food and drinking Guinness. That's a no brainer. Unfortunately Skigirl had other ideas.

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