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Wow, I've spent almost an hour watching all sorts of geocaching videos! I clicked on one of briansnat's links, then went to other links for caching videos.


I've thought about looking those up on youtube, I assumed that they were there, but I had no idea that there would be so many. How cool. Now I wish that I had done some videos over the years. :blink:

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Note: This is a video trailer for a book. We do make money off each copy sold but trust me, you've probably spent more on gas an your last cache raid.


It was fun to make, I had never mad a video before, don't even own a video camera! I just used the video mode on my digital camera. That's why there are lots of stills. I'm the cacher walking around and Jeannette, the author, is doing the narration.

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When I began this game I thought photographic proof might be necessary when visiting caches, therefore we videotaped our exploits from the beginning. A few years back I attempted to transfer that to my system. In doing so, the tape was ruined. Sigh . . .


Recently, I was rummaging through our basement and came across a tape. When I looked at it I found that some of that first hunt was on the tape. I must have had a back-up. The video is a bit rough, but it is kind of neat to see. After six years, it was nice to reminisce about that

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Most of my winter caching has been via YouTube. I think some of the best I've seen were done by Geocaching Jeff. He's not afraid to include spoilers, but then a lot of us are not really likely to be day-hiking in the Sandia Mountains. That sure does not detract from the beautiful scenery and wildlife he includes, and he takes his time with each scene. BTW, I've also enjoyed those from Briansnat that I've seen. Maybe Groundspeak will add a Videos page someday. I'm sure I'm not alone hoping that will happen.

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