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Short cut across the Dahna Dunes


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There are two main roads from Riyadh to The Summan desert. One starts on Riyadh-Dammam hwy going east and turns north to Rumah passing by Shaw’yah before reaching Rafi’ah. The other road goes north passing by AlToqi and Hafr Alatch. Both are roughly of the same length and you can travel on one and come back using the other to close the loop (~600-650km).


If you are traveling on one of the above routes and don’t want to go inside the Summan, you can take the short cut through the Dahna dunes. It’s a dirt road parallel to the newly constructed power line and will save you around 100km. You can drive at 85km/h on this dirt road. It intersects the Shaw’yah road on the east at N 26 27.265 E 47 12.255 and the Tenhat road on the west at: N 26 13.202 E 46 36.717


Here is a sketch illustrating the above:



I learned about this short cut from meskhat site and traveled it myself.

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