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map blue at night on 60csx

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during the day my map is topaz but at 6:30 pm it switched to midnight blue making it hard to read. is there a way i can have it stay topaz 24/7? unit 60csx

- Probably you're in AUTO Display Mode. Go to Settings - Display - Display Mode. And change to "Daytime" in lieu of "AUTO". Hope this help.

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Its weird, when you look at the 60csx pictures the map is a bright vibrant yellow, but when you actually see it on the GPS it is a darker bland yellow. Am I missing the bright yellow option or is it more marketing? No theme seems to change the day map color scheme.

There is a Garmin program (xImage I think) that will allow you to post your GPS screen. I notice that the image it creates is bright yellow and as you notice the screen is not as vibrant as the image created with xImage. Apparently that is just the way it is.

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