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11-year-old's birthday - GPS activities?


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I have done similar at family events and I am in the process of putting together a team-building event for a large corporation with HQ in Seattle.


I have never done anything was geared specifically towards kids but it could be done without much trouble.


Simply divide into two teams and have a series of puzzles or landmarks that generate a number to be plugged into a coordinate on to the next location and so on until teams arrive at either a final location for a party or a cache of goodies for the winning team etc. Do some highly rated local multis for inspiration.


Be careful in planning the team routes so that the teams are not visiting the same locations in the same order or they could simply follow each other along. Just think outside the box and have fun. Remember, you are not held back by any type of guidelines (other than common sense) since you are not publishing any cache.


Example, lead teams to a clue near a store, give them a "shopping list" of items they need to locate in the store, ask them to total the cost of those items, plug it into a coordinate…


Lead them to a library, give them the dewey decimal number of a book that contains an envalope with their next clue in it…

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