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Lost coin at Geocoinfest!

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I dunno why, but I keep getting this thought that someone's child might have this. You know how it is, little ones like the shiny things, too. Coins are easily picked up and dropped in a small backpack or pocket. Maybe parents ought to be checking their kid's swag bags, too.

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It will turn up, I am sure!


Thanks to all for your interest.


Perhaps one day years from now it will be found in some cache bag and logged.


I have no doubt someday someone will be cleaning out an old cache bag and this coin will turn up.


In fact it may have already, don't know yet, but last week I got an email inquiry asking what to do with an 'unregistered' '04 AGA coin that was found in a cache in the UK. I wrote back asking for the number and haven't gotten a response yet.


I will let you know if it is found.



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