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Geocaching in Ireland on RTÉ


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A couple of weeks ago myself and three other Irish cachers had the pleasure of being filmed for an Irish programme called Nationwide. The piece was broadcast this evening and the results can be viewed here:




Nationwide broadcasts at peak-time (7pm) on the main national channel (RTÉ1) so as you can imagine we're already experiencing a lot of interest on the Geocaching Ireland website and forum :(

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Well done guys.

Nice to see you went for the tried and tested method of finding your own cache for the camera :grin:



Had to make sure we could find it :grin:


If you look very carefully though you may notice that I was logged in as my alter-ego and that the cache setter just happens to have a very similar name to mine :rolleyes:

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Listened again and


Didn't hear any specific comment about dry stone wall, just one about tumbledown cottage and sensitive places.

Well it didn't specifically mention DSWs but it's pretty clear that the cache is located in the wall of the old cottage. We went to a lot of effort with the film crew to emphasise the low impact of caching but maybe we didn't get the message across 100%


Oh dear I misheard trumpet as chocolate :rolleyes::P

Dodgy accents abound in that programme :D


Still an excellent clip.

Thanks again. It's producing a lot of interest in the website and forum on GeocachingIreland.com and we've at least one new convert already - on one of my caches coincidentally :D

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Just got back from a break with family in Wexford and saw the program - well done! The day before the program we were telling our family/friends what we were doing going out early in the morning (we were caching of course) and we were quizzed up no end that night all about it. Though it was grand that they remembered it and to bother to watch the report. All added to a fun night telling various tales of Uk caches and trying to "boast" about Europe's First (GC43) and our new find in Inistioge (GCQ3VH). Wexford it not a cache rich area so I guess we will have to move off the East Coast next time although we came down through Carlow to drop in a TB. Well done again!

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