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Outstanding Garmin Support


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I just had my four year old, badly dinged up GPS76S returned from repair, free repair I might add, to find that they had given me a new unit. I had broken a spring in the battery compartment. This is the second time they have replaced my unit free of charge. The first time I had broken the plug for the external antenna, about two years ago. They have made me one very satisfied customer and I wouldn't even consider buying from another manufacturer. Their products are cutting edge, with frequent software upgrades, the mapping software is superior, and this kind of support is amazing. They have discontinued making my model, so this may well be my last free replacement, but I definitely got my money's worth.

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Garmin has given me great customer service as well. It's one of the biggest factors that keeps me buying their products over the years.


One thing they should address though is making a bit more room in their battery compartments. I also broke a spring in my 76csx and the reason is you really have to jam high capacity AA rechargeable batteries in there, which means you have to either pry them out with something, or beat on the unit with the battery door off to remove them. I suppose the rechargeable batteries are pushing the dimensions to get as much capacity as possible. There is enough of a battery length difference from a energizer rechargeable AA compared to a rayovac alkaline AA that you can easily see it just comparing the batteries next to each other.


It may be they are keeping things tight to ensure battery contact with rough handling. I can remember having to put extra foam into my legend case to keep battery contact when I used it on the mountain bike.

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