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CinemaBoxers Personal Coin CinemaBoxers Cosmo Memorial Coin, Small edition


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I wanted to share -


Our personal coin is coming out soon - and I thought I would post the blueprint to share!

Of course, as everyone knows - blueprints are subject to change etc.. but its looking like this is the final.


I did the coin design - and these will be available at the GeocoinStore. (We will also have some available.)


It will be in black nickel, and the dog featured is our Cosmo - who has been in several boxer books, and is just our favorite old man. (He will be 9 this year!)


The reverse side is the same logo we use on our TB tags, and for our log entries, avatar, etc.


For those who we have arranged trades with - your coins will be set aside first, but we will post more information when the coin is in hand.


Thanks to Mike and the guys at the GeocoinStore for the help, and for getting this done!





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I really like the coin and ordered one last Thursday (03/22) from The Geocoin Store. It's a great looking design!


I'm really curious about your caching name and the coin. I'm a propmaker in the Motion Picture Industry and my caching name, tom4props, comes from that. So I've been wondering if you guys raise show dogs (boxers) and/or work in the industry as animal wranglers/trainers.

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We used to be very active in showing, and "Cinema" was the pre-fix that we used with all of our dogs. We slowed down a bit in recent years, but still use the name with the dogs we keep!


We started out letterboxing - hence keeping "Cinema-Boxers" but when we started caching, it just stuck!


The dog pictured is our Cosmo "HiMaster's Fired Up At Cinema". He will be 9 this year, and you can actually see him and more of our dogs in the book "Living With A Boxer".


We used Cinema as hubby and I are both BIG movie buffs - and, he used to make armor and knives for movies years and years back.

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Hello all!


Many of you know we lost our Cosmo January 1st of this year.


He is the dog featured on both of our personal coins, and his daughter graces the 'Gone to the Dogs' coin as well. He was very VERY special to us, and alot of you were SO kind when we lost him.


I'd like to present a coin - a version of our V1 personal done in polished gold with printing.


Pardon the bad photo.. Ill add a new one soon!




You can see we changed the Geocaching colors to translusent blue, and the coin is done in HARD enamel.


A HUGE thanks - and big hugs - to the fellas at the Geocoin Store for making this small special edition of coins for us. Mike heard about Cosmo and sent a wonderful email - its one thing to have good customer service, but another thing when a company is run by just darn nice folks. :unsure:


So... on to details.


This coin has the same icon, as our V1 as there were only 50 made. ALL will be traded to our friends, none will be sold.


We wanted to show it off, and let folks know that we have a limited number, and will be trading em slowly and carefully! This coin means alot to us, and its pretty special. We miss him like crazy.



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