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magellan XL bad basemaps.

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I just purchased a Magellan explorist XL from GPS Central in AB through the net. I went out to use it and as I was driving I first noticed that "Chatham" a city near me in Ontario, was on the wrong side of Highway 401 on the basemap. I't actually 5 km away from the city limits, wow that kindof worried me, but figured hey not everything will be perfect. But later that day I went to a Provincial park in the area (Rondeau) and the unit showed that I was driving in the middle of Rondeau Bay not on the road or even on the land. I"m really disapointed with this unit and the company right now as I haven't heard back from customer service yet either. Has anyone else experienced probs like this and if so what was done for you if anything?


Thanks and have a nice day


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Yes I have noticed this anomaly on my 500LE. But what have realized was that allot of towns,Prov.Parks,or anything that is very close proximity to a large body of water only appear in the middle of the lake or waterway if not zoomed in a certain amount.I,m from Manitoba, and Gimli MB. is on the shore of lake Winnipeg but actually appears (Zoomed out!) to be smack dab in the middle of the lake (must be rather damp!).Must be one of those Magellan thangs,Anyhoo I hope that helped. Have a great day! Cheers! B :signalviolin:

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I have both Mapsend Topo Canada and Mapsend Directroute(DR) V2. If you want to buy only one, I would suggest getting DR V2 or V3. In spite of the claims of Magellan's website, both DR V2 and V3 has coverage of all areas of Canada (plus the US, of course).


I find that I use DR most of the time. It does routing and is adequate for caching in most cases. I should note that Topo has better coverage of dirt roads and forest roads, if that is important to you. Also, I sometimes do switch to Topo, if I want to know whether I am on the correct side of the river.


I believe having detail maps is a must for the XL. You will enjoy it that much more.




I don't mind spending the $$ for the topos but from what I've read and seen the mapsend topos for canada arn't the greatest. Does anyone have personal experience with this program and maps? Thanks and I'll try to look again tomorrow zoomed right in and see where it puts me!

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I don't know much about Mapsend Topo, but I do have Mapsend DR which I use in my Magellan Meridian Colour and it is marvelous. I've used it all over western Canda and the US and it registers even dirt roads and small pothole lakes etc. with very good accuracy. I wouldn't get the Topo unless you intend to do a lot of offroading, hunting and general bushwacking. The base map supplied with the unit is reasonably accurate if zoomed in, but pretty much useless for day to day use.


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