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Question about contest


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I have been looking at the bench marks that are located around where I live (on the computer) and some have been found before by others. Can I go find those also are do you want the ones that have never been found. I know it's stupid question but I wanted to ask..




You can go find any benchmark that you haven't found & logged on GC.com. It doesn't matter if someone else has found them first.

From the rules........


Target - any benchmark you have not found. Others may have found it, just not you.


Spell "2oldfarts" using the 1st digit of the designation (they must be listed in the GC.com database) of benchmarks that you find. For this bonus you may use any benchmark in the GC database (including those you have found over a year ago. Log those as a note only, please.).This is a one time bonus worth 25 points.



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The one I looked at on the computer is Benchmark look at it. Is it the church and is it ok. I do not know if this link worked or not like I said I am tring to learn. Incase it doesn't work the number is EC1666


And yes I am glad some body likes me.



From the benchmark page...



Marker Type: church spire

Setting: setting not listed - see description



The description says "YORK 1ST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SPIRE ", so you would need a picture of the "spire" from somewhere nearby (not farther than a block away.). Just make sure the spire is where it is supposed to be and not rebuilt at the other end of the church.


When you do a go to with the GPSr, come at the spire from 2 different directions and watch the compass to make sure it is pointing in the right direction (in this case, at the spire).



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