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PengoFamily 2007 Geocoins

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Hi guys and gals,


We have finaly decided to announce our geocoins to the world here on these forums. We gave local cachers a headstart on them and the our geocoins been well received.


This is the link to the main page with all the details:

PengoFamily 2007 Geocoins and Geopins


We prefer trading with 'out of country' geocachers as we do not have a paypal account.


If trading is not an option we will accept money orders i.e international postal money orders. Our pricing is in Canadian but we can convert to US Funds if it makes it easier.


None of our geocoins are being sold commercially, only through us. Please contact us through our geocaching profile if you are interested.


We hope you like them!!!






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Wow. Wow Wow. Okay we are going to have to sort through a lot of emails coming in very fast.


All the singles are beyond sold out now!!


There are some of the Nickel Sets left though!


Thanks for the very positive response.


PLEASE ... no more requests for singles. If you've already requested a single we'll let you know, but there are more requests than there are remaining coins!


Also there are a lot of geopins available too. We forgot to mention them before. They are on the bottom of the page.


PengoFamily 2007 Geocoins and Geopins


Thank you for the wonderful response!

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:signalviolin: Are they trackable?




They are trackable.

They have a custom icon.

They have a webpage with those details linked to in the original post too :drama:


Here it is again for those that missed it:

PengoFamily 2007 Geocoins and Geopins


There are more photos on that website including photos of the LE versions (our LE versions are more limited than most LE versions, we've since learned that we should have marked them as XLE or XXLE in the case of the LE sets)

The LE single (20 made we should have marked it as as XLE) sold out right away.

The LE sets (10 made we should have marked these as XXLE) is and was never for sale. These are for donation for fundraising and very juicy trades only.


PengoMommy has just told me to also write that we're pretty sure that the Nickel sets are sold out as well.

We are still trying to wade our way through the emails.


There are a lot of emails that we haven't answered yet. We've been overwhelmed by the response to our geocoins. We should have minted many more of the standard singles(70 minted) and standard sets (30 minted). Sorry.


If your email was for a single geocoin and we have not answered you yet, we will send a response by email, but it will likely be disappointing. :mmraspberry: Sorry.


If you have emailed about a set and we haven't answered yet, you may not be disappointed. We just need to wade through the trade offers and emails. We will be sending out more emails with confirmations later during the day, maybe into the evening.


Please be patient with us. But alse remember that a lot of the questions are answered right on the page we linked to.


Oh, as stated in the original post - We do not have a PayPal account. We've gotten several emails sent, requesting a PayPal invoice.


Everybody who has emailed us will get a response. Be it positive or negative. Please do not keep emailing back. We appreciate the enthusiasm, but please give us a chance to respond.




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Okay I won't send a request but I will post one....If you have any remaining (after the smoke clears) and are interested we do have a personal geocoin with a penguin on it...Steel City Babes Let me know if your interested in a trade.....again after the smoke clears :D


Link to forum page:




Awesome :D

Steel City Babes

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Hi everyone,


We think that we have responded to everyone who has contacted us. The amount of emailing we've done has been outrageous. If you have contacted us and we have never responded could you please contact us again. We don't think that there are people who have not had a response, but emails may have been mislabeled, and misfiled with how hectic it had become.


Everyone whose coins got mailed today will be contacted tonight, telling them their coins are out! We are doing another big mailing tomorrow!



Blair and Chantal (PengoDaddy and PengoMommy)

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