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Google Earth vs GPSR


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:huh: I am trying to translate some coordinates from Google Earth from DMS to GPS values. I don't believe it is possible to set Google Earth to display gps values. I have looked at the Jeeep.com conversions and these would appear to work except that they show more than one translation. I assume the correct numbers for general GPS use is (WGS-84)Nad-83. Correct?



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Your GPS is probably setup to use the decimal minutes format that the site uses. One possible solution is to temporarily reset your GPS to use degrees minutes and seconds.


Another as you noted is to use the jeeep.com conversion tool - just convert from ddd mm ss.s to ddd mm.mmm - just use the WGS-84 on both sides.

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If you are using GC.com, just copy the lat long for the cache into google earth. GE 'understands' the format.


But be warned, google earth has a fuzzy factor when it comes to caches. The location will jump around on you, so don't bet on it.

Only fuzzy when using the the geocaching .kml - If you drop in a .GPX file - it is very accurate. (Well as accurate as the maps tend to be on GE anyway).

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