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How do I select multiple waypoints?


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Hello to all... .New member here.


One question. I have done a search of caches within a 15 mile radius of my zip code, and the result is 6 pages of caches !! I want to download all 6 pages of waypoints, but I notice that when I select the 'check all' button at the bottom of the page, it DOES select all the waypoints on that page, but when I go to the next page and select all of those, the previous pages waypoints are no longer checked !! Whew !! I hope you followed all of that !!


Is there a simple way to select all the waypoints on all of the pages, and then download as a single file?


Thanks for reading this, and for any help you may offer.



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Before going to the second page of search results, you need to download the first page's checked waypoints. So, you can download up to 20 at one time.


Premium members can obtain up to 500 caches at one time in a file sent via e-mail. This feature is called "pocket queries." And, the waypoints are available not only in .LOC format, but also in .GPX format. The GPX files contain the entire cache description and the last five logs, instead of the more basic information provided in the LOC files.

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