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Let's Have Soome Fun!

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Alright here we go again


anniversary is Sept 22

the days before is the twins birthday--you do have twins don't you or was it the nutlady (is that why the nutlady is called the nutlady) Can't remember anything anymore LOL


The day after is your birthday and you will be 29 too just like me!!!

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When is my wedding anniversary is? Your wedding anniversary is March 31st.

What happens the day before my anniversary? The day before your anniversary is your birthday, on that day you open a gift.

What happens the day after my anniversary? The day after your anniversary is April 1st, on that day you play a prank on somebody.

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Sorry about delay. Computer has been funky all morning and not letting me in.


Ok - no one has it yet. Someone last night was really close. Check my posts. Also check previous hints I've posted. Some of you are giving dates in a month I have ruled out. :P


If by 12:00 CST no one has gotten it - you can start guessing every half hour.


It's not my birthday.


Not 9/11. I couldn't do a contest around that. Still too painful. :lol:

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I am seriously getting a BAD headache from all this research for clues....I have started an Excel worksheet on the clues for this one.....OMG I am having one of those days!


Okay.....here is the next guess


Your anniversary is April 8 (which is Easter this year)

your spouse has a birthday on the day before -- April 7

Your child has a birthday on the day after - April 9


AHHHHHHHH........I'm spinning out of control!

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