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National Park Geocoins?

The Herd

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There should not be any national park coins or anything geocache. they don't want us there so why advertise for them?

Now there's a nice, friendly attitude :laughing: Look, it isn't the fault of the NPS that caches aren't allowed. Blame Congress; they passed the law over 100 years ago, and it's never been amended to allow for things like caching. To be honest, considering how poorly some people maintain their caches, I can't blame the NPS for not wanting caches in, say, Yosemite Valley or the Grand Canyon. Now, being very close to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, it would be nice if they could allow caches on NPS-owned land, especially as there are several hundred in non-NPS-owned lands within the SMMNRA, including several State Parks and lands owned by several Conservancies and Park Districts. But until Congress changes the law, NPS employees have to follow the law that they have.

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These are the other National Park geocoins that I know of...

Acadia NP

Grand Canyon NP

Yellowstone NP

Joshua Tree NP

Yosemite NP



Great Smoky Mountains NP (three different coins)

Hawai'i Volcanoes NP


cool! I want a smokey mountain coin! I'd like to see an Isle Royale Geocoin made.


Thanks for those that didn't try to hijack the thread.

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