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Come Geocache the Wisconsin Chippewa Valley

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Looking for a great geo-vacation opportunity? The Chippewa Valley Visitors Bureau is hosting a geocaching promotion starting April 14th and running until June 3rd 2007. In conjuntion with this promotion there will be 2 events that will be listed on geocaching.com. The first will be a CITO event taking place on April 14th in Eau Claire, WI. The second event will be on June 3rd and we are working on finalizing the details on that one. The first 250 people who participate in the CITO event will receive a free, trackable, micro-geocoin with it's own icon. The first 400 people who pre-register and attend the final event will receive a free, trackable geocoin with it's own icon. If you are not in the first 400 you will receive a ticket when you attend the event that will give you a chance to get one of the 50 remaining coins. There will also be lots of other prizes available that you do not have to be present to win. Last year a couple of the larger prizes included a GPSr and a mountain bike. Drawings for prizes are linked to finding geocaches included in the promotion. There will be about 75 caches available and most of them will be listed on geocaching.com. If that's not enough for you, the Chippewa Valley has over 400 geocaches and they are not your usual micro spew. The area is loaded with regular caches, including a 50 part mystery cache (each part is a separate cache and loggable on it's own). There are caches here that everyone will enjoy! I will follow up with links to the events and the promotion website as they become available. So mark your calandars and come visit the Chippewa Valley for a great geocaching experience!!

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OK, I have never had much luck with trying to post pictures, but I will give it my best shot. First the front and back of the micro coin - the coin being given out at the first event. Both sides will be color.





Now the regular coin which will be given out at the final event. The back will be 3D and the front will have translucent enamal for the colors.





Now, if that all worked there should be some pictures in this log :laughing: .................


It worked!! The picture of the falls is actually "Big Falls" one of the local attractions, with some wildlife photoshopped in.

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Very nice coins! Maybe I can scrape up enough "coin" to visit the Stevens Point, WI branch of the 9Key clan. :D


Reaaally... Are they cachers? I'm a born and bred Pointer. If they're not, some Wisconsin hospitality could be arranged. It's only a couple hours to The Chippewa area and there are friends to be had. Something to keep in mind if you're seriously considering. :D

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I have had some requests for some information about the 50 part mystery cache. Here is the first one: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...3e-401378d8f177 and here is the last: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...58-bc1fd48c92cd . These are sets of 7 and each set is contained in a park, a couple of larger parks have 2 sets in. Most of the caches are ammo cans, with some regulars and just 1 micro.

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I have a bunch of 2006 Chippewa Valley Geocaching event coins. I am working on the event this year and would be willing to trade for any unactivated trackable or non-trackable geocoin. I will be using these geocoins for prizes for the 2007 event, or I will place them unactivated in caches for the event. The 2006 Chippewa Valley Geocaching event coins are non-trackable and look like this:




Please send me a PM if you would be willing to do a trade, or you can email me at wisconsin_robin@yahoo.com . Thanks!!

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