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Silver Bullets -- Geocaching Swag

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Silver Bullets :ph34r: What the heck is that? Let me give a little background


My family enjoys the sport of Geocaching and we wanted to come up with a unique item which we could leave in caches that would be different than the usually stuffed animals and McDonald happy meal toys. We came up with the Silver Bullet idea, as an item that we would make ourselves and leave in Caches for others.


Although originally the idea was for us to leave the items ourselves, folks began pm'ing us inquiring about purchasing them so we started selling them to anyone who asked. As the project continued, we now enjoy others hiding Silver Bullets and knowing folks throughout the world are finding and keeping them. It's interesting reading a log and seeing someone comment about taking the Silver Bullet.


After we started selling these direct, I decided to start selling on ebay too as well to spread the Geocaching Bullets out beyond the original area I hide them in. You can find the items on ebay....Search for Geocaching Silver Bullet but wanted to put them on here as well as a way to spread the word about them and get feedback if anyone finds any. We sell the items very reasonably as it's not for income but rather to meet my families goal of having them placed in Caches throughout the world. With direct sales I can offer lower prices and shipping costs since I’m not paying Ebay fees which is another reason I'm posting here.


If you're looking for a unique item to place in caches, consider these. Geocaching Silver Bullets are hand made replicas of actual bullets. My family works together assembling each one, using real bullet cases that are highly polished and actual lead bullets. Of course, the bullets are assembled without a powder charge or primer which creates a completely safe souvenir. Each Silver Bullet comes individually packaged and is ready for placing into a cache. The completed item is a nice, heavy, and safe Geocaching treasure which the finder will be sure to keep.


Below are my ebay pictures so you can see what they look like, but feel free to email me directly for better photos and the direct pricing. If you do email and buy direct, let me know you're a forum member and I'll include an extra free one for the time being just for being a forum member Email me to get a price sheet. Basically, depending on quantity they range from 65 cents to $ 1.00 each so they make very inexpensive swag.


[e-mail address removed by moderator] for price sheet





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:D Just waiting for some one to complain about the lead slug, or being inappropriate :D


edit to add I've been handloading for almost 40 years :D:D:D



I handload as well for about 60 different Calibers. You even got the Perfect amount of roll Crimp on there!!!


Great Job!!



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I handload as well for about 60 different Calibers. You even got the Perfect amount of roll Crimp on there!!!


Great Job!!




Thanks. I'm a longtime Bullseye league shooter but the 45acp didn't make a nice souvenier so we went with these :laughing:


Incidently, the reason for the card inside, is to explain what they are, that they are souveniers and safe. The back of the card give more info as well, and the email address if anyone has questions or wants to continue to spread them.


A couple folks recently asked for more photos so here a couple more.




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This is spam and goes along with Geocoins.


We're not programmers, but my son and I figured out how to put up on a webpage the Silver Bullet pricing we've been emailing to folks.


Hopefully this link will work.


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