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Legend Cx Rubber Trouble


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Can someone who has fixed the rubber band on a garmin legend with good results please tell me what you used to re-fasten it to the unit? Mine is gooey and sliding around, and I'd like to repair it myself. It is still under warranty, but I hate to send it in and be without it for weeks. I do have some really good 3M two faced tape about 1/2" wide and very thin. I found the link to the .PDF screen problem repair, but he doesn't go into detail about reattaching the rubber. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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How long have you had your legend? Any idea what causes it to loosen?




I've had the Cx since August 2006. No, I don't know what the root cause is, only that it seems to be a fairly common problem with some of these units. Whatever they use for an addhesive seems to turn very gummy after a relativly short period of time. I suppose they don't want to use anything to permanant because they need to split the case to do work internally, and the seam is under the rubber.

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Mine gave up just a few days ago. The problem does seem to be heat. Our temperatures have been in the mid eighties, and every time I use the unit, things get pretty gooey. I talked to Garmin today, and they recommended I send it back, and that the turn-around time would be seven to ten days.

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