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Why we love you guys!


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alright, alright... we know this might seem a little sentimental, and we've only been geocaching for a year, though we feel that too much negativity is always highlighted in our country...


... so we're gonna mention a couple of people, and why we love them!


...and we know we haven't had the chance to personally meet every geocacher yet, though if you've got someone special in mind, post away! :(


Why Chuck loves...

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GlobalRat... because we know that we're going to get a hiding everytime we do one of his caches :D


Brick... because he's got this crazy personality to him, that you can't help but laugh! :(


QFC... Chuck just can't compete with this man when it comes to the ladies! :D oh! and for geocachingranking.com!!!


LOC.. because they sure know how to drive! Plus they have some cute mascots in the team :(


CrystalFairy... because they don't do anything half-measured!


TeamTGF... because they're one overly hyper-active family! :(


Fish Eagle... for what they have contributed to geocaching in that lovely province of theirs!

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Discombob... because Chuck respects any man who has climbed Table Mountain more than the local Koi-san.


Cache Fan... who is always up for a challenge!


Geocacher_coza... for all his hard work in meeting our ever-growing need for TB tags!


RiverGod... well... she just appears a little nutty... but we're sure she's sweet on the inside :D


M@X Meerkat... they're just great people! :D


Cownchicken... wonderful old crazy couple :( with an incredible passion for geocaching!

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