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Earthmate GPSr

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OK boys & girls,

I am doing some early spring cleaning, and I am going to sell some "stuff" that I am no longer using!


I have an Earthmate serial GPSr (model #TU40-D420-001) I purchased this unit new, and only used it for 12 days on my journey from Southern California to Nova Scotia, Canada a little over 4 years ago. This unit is in perfect condition, it comes with the owners manual/user guide, Delorme's Street Atlas USA v8.0 a 2 CD set, and Delorme's AAA Map 'n' Go v7.0.






I also have the optional 12-volt power adapter (item no: AF-001016-000) this will power the Earthmate from your vehicles cigarette lighter, and the laptop Power Adapter Cable (item no: AF-001021-000) this cable will power the Earthmate from your Laptops PS2 port.




I originaly paid $139.99 for the Earthmate with the Street Atlas USA software, $19.99 for the AAA Map 'n' Go, software, and $24.99 each for the extra power cables! That's a total of $209.96 plus TAX.


I would like to get $100.00 USD for everything. Standard ground shipping included!!!!


EMAIL: xlobsterman@hotmail.com

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how do i connect this to my Palm TX


The Delorme Earthmate GPSr has a serial connection, so you will need an adapter cable to connect your Palm to a serial conector. At the time when I purchased this GPSr, Delorme had Palm adaptors available, the part #s were -AF-5761 - AF-1765 or AF-5804. And you could always check ebay for adapters.


Also, check this link for detailed info on using the Earthmate with your Palm;



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I am sorry but will not be purchasing this unit from you after all. I have had a change of mind after researching my other options. Please ignore my offer to buy.


Have sent you a pm - would like to buy if not sold at this time.


Hey Walleye83,

I replied to your PM, and it's been over 24 hours, and I have not received a reply back?


Do you still want to purchase this Eathmate?

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